Vineyards Wedding: poetic ceremony in a wine cellar


An exciting ceremony in the wine cellar between the wine barrels and the exposed brick vaults.

Luca and Kristina met in San Francisco, but to celebrate their union, they chose the scenery of the Langhe. These lands have a particular and unique atmosphere that fascinates and is characterized by the many wine cellars, with the scent of must and freshly picked grapes.

To feel the sense and the emotion of this reality, the wedding ceremony was celebrated between the wine barrels and the exposed brick vaults. It was a moment full of emotion, unusual but totally collected and involving.

The wine cellars, with their history of centuries, a place where the wine – treasure extracted from the grape – slowly acquires its energy in addition to the flavor and the scent, are become a warm and suggestive space… and here, among the barrels, we placed the chairs for the guests.


Behind the celebration table we have coated table a bamboo arch with a cloth with orange-toned flowers, like the color palette of the wedding.

The union between Kristina and Luca was very emotional for all participants, both for the suggestive setting and for the strong harmony that unites the couple. The guests at their wedding arrived from all over the world and stayed in the historic and elegant estate of the villa, where before the big day, they spent some pleasant moments with the couple.

Kristina was beautiful in her romantic lace dress and has lived with emotion the moment of preparation with her three bridesmaids. For them they were created with tailored suits, all made of the same fabric, but in different models for each of three.

The gift of an amaretto, a typical Italian biscuit, wrapped in a particular colored paper of different colors, was the little sweet present to all the friends and relatives present at the ceremony.

The bride and groom had the chance to take pictures of a couple in the middle of the vineyards: spectacular photos of the shadows and lights created by the vine shoots and leaves, in a unique place made by light, earth and heaven.

An aperitif was set up in the lakefront space, here a original wedding table plan, made with an ancient door on which the cards were applied, indicated to the guests the name of their table.

Kristina didn’t want to forget her native country so, the favors were made in Bulgaria, her land. Small bottles of schnapps and jars of jam, placed on wooden bases, all personalized with labels that showed the graphics of the wedding and the name of the couple. During dinner, everyone enjoyed the typical Bulgarian ballets.


Another particularities of this day was the cut of the wedding cake happened in an even more charming atmosphere, almost mysterious, created by the “ghiacciaia“. A place that was used to store food and wine with snow and ice taken from the top of the hill and from the lake and which today is an interesting architectural testimony of the past. Here, with lots of lights a real magic moment has been created.

The party then continued with dances and funny moments, unforgettable for the two young couples.

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