Romantic Vinery Italian Destination Wedding in Piemonte


The bride Stefanie from Germany, and the groom Mauro from Italy, where looking for a location for their destination wedding in the vinery Piemonte area here in Italy.

The bride and groom told me that they really love greenhouses and orangeries, and this is what I started from when location scouting. In the end the decision was quite easy!
“Tenuta Fontanafredda” is a suggestive estate in Piemonte, where weddings can be celebrated in an exclusive and romantic way.

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Venue in Piemonte|Destination Wedding Planner Italy


Everything started with the name “Viola”. It’s the name that Fabiana and Francesco gave to their daughter, a smiling little creature.
Her name brings in mind perfumes, sweetness and the depth of feelings.

The characteristic flowers where hydrangeas, lisianthus and roses while lilac was the main color of the wedding palette. Together with white and pink it guaranteed an elegant and refined setting for this destination wedding.

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Vineyards Wedding: poetic ceremony in a wine cellar


An exciting ceremony in the wine cellar between the wine barrels and the exposed brick vaults.

Luca and Kristina met in San Francisco, but to celebrate their union, they chose the scenery of the Langhe. These lands have a particular and unique atmosphere that fascinates and is characterized by the many wine cellars, with the scent of must and freshly picked grapes.

To feel the sense and the emotion of this reality, the wedding ceremony was celebrated between the wine barrels and the exposed brick vaults. It was a moment full of emotion, unusual but totally collected and involving.

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Piemonte, the land of delicious wine and food


When the vineyards are colored by their fascinating chromatic nuances, the Piemonte countryside and its Langhe area become a triumph of colors. The eyes are filled by all these nuances and you are amazed by so much aesthetic pleasure. For this reason, the Langhe have become UNESCO heritage. But not only! Today are also one of the most popular wedding destinations for the couples from all over the world.


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A winter wedding in Turin, Italy


The romantic city of Turin is in the heart of David and Rose, two of our American spouses. Every year, as soon as they can have a moment in their intense rhythms in New York, they take a break in the name of Italianness, spending a few days in the capital of the Savoy.

Today we tell you about a winter wedding, that of Rose and David in the Piedmont region.

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#Phamiglia: a Wedding Ceremony in Langhe


#Phamiglia, because Andrew and Celeste with their relatives and friends are a great family and they wanted to share this special wedding day with the most dear people in a beautiful place such as Italy.

Fontanafredda, prestigious estate in Serralunga d’Alba, offers a perfect combination between the passion for good food and a breathtaking location. Immersed in the Piedmont countryside, surrounded by rows and embraced by the territory of the Langhe, it’s wonderful in every season.

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Find a special place to dream


The location chosen for the marriage of Edoardo and Giorgia is the Tenuta Berroni of Racconigi, a French architectural complex that allows you to immerse in the magical atmosphere of the Piedmontese eighteenth century.

In this place, the bride and groom had want to celebrate a symbolic ceremony, a reception and a fun dancing evening.

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CastaDiva Resort & Spa, Lake Como

Everyone knows the enchanting atmosphere that Lake Como is able to give, the villas and resorts on its shores guarantee to the guests a unique location.


Among these dream places we are sure to find the CastaDiva Resort & Spa, a 5 star luxury hotel able to exalt all the elements of Italian excellence, a perfect mix of attention and care to the past and to the tradition with the love for contemporary details.

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Villa Regina Teodolinda, Lake Como


Villa Regina Teodolinda is situated in Laglio in a beautiful position on Lake Como. This location is famous for the several international movie stars who choose this place for their holidays and also because Villa Regina Teodolinda is one of the better choices to celebrate a very special wedding.

One of the particularity of Villa Regina Teodolinda is the lakeside access that guarantees a unique privacy to spend a romantic and special moment like that of the wedding day.

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Wedding in a Rustic Medieval Village

Wedding in a Rustic Medieval Village

The scenary that Monferrato offers is unique: the green hills and vineyards are some of the strengths of this place that often is compared with Langhe area. Monferrato is rich of fascinating scenery and glimpses: for this reason are many couples who choose to spend here their best day with friends and relatives.

Even Michela and Corrado decided to say “yes” in the Monferrato green hills at the “Brusasco Castle”, ancient historic mansion located in the eighteenth century village. During the years the castle was several time damaged and the current building is attribuited to the Giovanni Maria Molino architect who renovated it in the mid eighteenth century.

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Elegant Wedding at Lake Maggiore – Villa Rusconi


She is english, he is italian, but they have chosen as place to live the Florida, for their great day they have chosen to return in Italy on the enchanting Maggiore lakeshore. Here, bride and groom have celebrated their special wedding day with friends and relatives.

The choice of “Villa Rusconi-Clerici” as a location for the wedding has made the magical day even more special. The villa is an old build of the end ‘800 with an English garden, on the shores of the Gulf of Borromeo. At the center of the verdant expanse there is an elegant wrought iron pavilion tipical of the style of the greenhouses of the end ‘800, an ideal location for outdoor receptions. At the same time, Villa Rusconi-Clerici, inside offers spaces finely furnished, enriched by antique statues and granite pillars, the wine-cellars can host unique events.

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Wedding in Villa Balbianello


One of the most exclusive wedding locations on Lake Como is Villa Balbianello, which stands on the Western shores of the lake and is the perfect venue for a wedding awash with luxury and romantic flair. Built in 1770 by Cardinal Durini, this enchanted villa reveals all its splendour from the spectacular headland where it is located, surrounded by lush gardens and terraces. Villa Balbianello boasts a rich collection of Chinese, African, and Pre-Columbian art, precious 18th-century English and French furniture, and a small museum displaying documents and objects from its history. It is now maintained by the Italian National Trust (FAI), which also looks after the villa’s terraced gardens, a true masterpiece dominated by the elegant loggia with three arches towering above the sloping headland. In agreement with FAI, Villa Balbianello is used as a stunning setting for various events – and it can obviously be turned into an exclusive backdrop for your wedding.

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A romantic wedding at Lake Orta – Villa Crespi

Wedding Lake Orta – Chiara Viarisio Wedding Planner
Wedding Lake Orta – Chiara Viarisio Wedding Planner

The romantic shores of Lake Orta have always been among the most sought-after Italian locations for couples wishing to organise and celebrate their wedding. This is a wonderful and exciting experience for a Wedding Planner because not only Italian couples consider this the right place for their big day, as many foreign brides and grooms look for the opportunity to say “I do” in this magical atmosphere.

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The 9 greatest locations for your wedding on Lake Como

Wedding Lake Como

Lake Como has long been one of the most beautiful and sought-after wedding locations, both for Italian brides and grooms and for foreign couples who choose Italy as the destination for their big day.

It is not only the enchanting landscape and stunning views which make Lake Como an ideal wedding location. Also the elegant and unique venues scattered along its shores and in the immediate surroundings contribute to an unforgettable atmosphere for couples to tie the knot.

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A Luxury Wedding Destination at Lake Como: Villa d’Este


One of the most exclusive wedding locations on the shores of the most romantic of lakes is “Villa d’Este” , a luxury hotel overlooking. LakeComo, located in the small town of Cernobbio. Dating back to the 16th century, Villa D’Este was built as the summer residence of Cardinal Tolomeo Gallio and it was turned into a luxury hotel in 1873.

A main destination for European aristocrats, its halls and rooms accommodated a wide array of royalties and celebrities. Today Villa d’Este has been completely renovated and turned into a five-star resort with high quality standards and state-of-the-art facilities, which have earned it worldwide renown.

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Monferrato wedding

Organizzare il matrimonio nel Monferrato
Monferrato Wedding, Wedding Planner in Italy

There is a combination that creates special effects: it is the union of the past and modernity: a trait that has characterized the entire special day of the wedding of Chiara and Francesco.

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Wedding in Pollenzo

wedding in Pollenzo Italy
Wedding in Pollenzo, Italy

In the Langhe and Roero territory, place recognized World Heritage Site UNESCO, there is the Albergo dell’Agenzia di Pollenzo, the perfect place for a wedding in the countryside, where good food and location have a very important role. [Read more…]

Marina and Vitaly’s Italian lake wedding… “From Russia with love”

The sun and the lapping lake water, surrounded by azaleas in bloom, embraced  Marina and Vitaly’s Italian lake wedding, in evocative Italian Lake Orta which they chose together with the wedding planner Chiara Viarisio among all the wedding locations in Italy as the wedding location of their dreams.

The hotel fascinated them for its rooms filled with warm Italian summer colours and delicately decorated walls, coupled with the tasteful and masterly renovation done in such as way as to conserve the original stone walls.

Italians Lake - romantic destination for weddings

 Marina dedicated her first day’s stay to testing out the choice of her make up, whilst we, with the skilful help of a professional ironer and her puffs of steam, turned the fluffiness of her italian wedding dress into the texture of a swan’s feathers.

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Italian lakes wedding: A poetic blessing by Lake Garda

Italians Lake - romantic destination for weddings

On the Garda Lake in a warm October day we organized Tatiana and Alexander Italian lake wedding. Here the weather is particularly nice even if you are surrounded by mountains. The temperature is mild and palms and lemon trees grow here. A little piece of Heaven for a marvelous wedding location!

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The auspicious flight of the doves on the wedding day… The doves fly back home!

The auspicious flight of the doves

The doves we use are looked after with love and trained with respect.

So as to make them understand that the dovecot is their home, they are born and bred there, given love and food under its shelter.
Each and every day the trainer “their father” gives them food containing mineral salts and vitamins.
After about one year, these white birds are ready to be left free to roam and they know their way home. Before nightfall, the dovecot is opened so the doves can fly freely where they wish. They fly around, circling the area, until the trainer blows a whistle to let them know that dinner is served!
When left free to fly, these beautiful birds can cover up to 50 kilometres from their home.


A and F freed in flight two of these symbolic creatures as a sign of the joy that accompanied their wedding day and the reciprocal promise of love they made.

The two small birds rose up in flight in a clear blue sky, made a couple of circles high above and were soon homeward bound.

We wish A and F the same joy in their free and flight of love together!

Wedding Location: Thailand


Their wish was that of celebrating their wedding in Thailand on one of its beautiful, white, beaches illuminated by the sun, in a silent romantic atmosphere.

So, after having thumbed through the splendid locations available for weddings in Thailand, we chose an enchanting beach, and, tank to our collaborator on site, Nanya , we organised an intimate and emotionally engaging ceremony on the sands of Phuket. [Read more…]